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STRUB Food Lube

STRUB Food Lube представляет собой серию высококачественных смазок, предназначенных для пищевой промышленности, производства напитков, промышленности по производству кормов.

STRUB Food Lube S

STRUB Food Lube is a series of high quality lubricating oils based on White oils which are intended for the food manufacturing industry, beverage industry and the feed industry.

STRUB Paraffinoel

Medical white oil are highly refined, non-additive, aromatic-free paraffinic white mineral oil complying with stringent purity requirements. STRUB Paraffinoel can be used in pharmaceutical, food packaging, food machinery lubrication, cosmetic and other applications, where this high purity is required by legislation or important for the quality of the finished product.